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Mr Mao Dongjun visited our company
Category: Company News
Date: 2018-05-16
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Author: 佚名

 The deputy secretary-general of China Metal Materials Circulation Association Furnace Branch, Mao Dongjun, visited our company


 On the morning of May 16th, 2018, Mr. Mao Dongjun, Deputy Secretary General of China Metal Materials Circulation Association Furnace Branch, visited our company for investigation and research. Hunan Jinlong Manganese Industry Co., Ltd. was the governing unit of the Association. Mr. Huang Wanhong and Mr. Mao Dongjun, the Secretary-General of the Company, Development and related issues of the work of the club were discussed.

 Chairman Huang Wanhong introduced the development and business development of Hunan Jinlong Manganese Industry Co., Ltd. Deputy Secretary-General Mao Dongjun expressed high-end appreciation for the development orientation and successful practices of our company, and wished Jinlong Manganese to continue to maintain high-level and high-quality operation. Deputy Secretary-General Mao Dongjun also introduced Chairman Huang Wanhong to the next step of the Furnace Branch and listened to the opinions and suggestions of the Chairman on the work of the Branch. Deputy Secretary-General Mao Dongjun said: Since its establishment, the Furnace Branch has been working on the innovative concept of “financing the iron and steel industry chain and building an ecological circle”, integrating the cross-border resources and promoting enterprises in the middle and downstream of the furnace industry. We have made active efforts in areas such as win-win cooperation. In the future, the branch will focus on establishing the ecological circle of China's charge and stainless steel industry chain, combining online and offline services, building a standardization, credit system, establishing a high-end entrepreneurial circle of industry, gathering various resources, and serving as members. The company has made active efforts in providing effective and professional, personalized and refined services, building a broader platform, continuously enriching service content, improving service levels, and making active efforts to promote the coordinated development of furnace materials and stainless steel industry. contribution.

 Chairman Huang Wanhong made specific suggestions on the next step of the furnace material branch, saying that he would actively support the work of the club and provide suggestions for the industry's health, science, green and high-quality development.