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China's manganese ore imports fell by 28.52% in February from the previous month
Category: Industry Dynamics
Date: 2019-02-20
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Author: 佚名

  According to customs statistics, in February 2019, China's manganese ore imports amounted to 2,217,600 tons (actually about 221.7598 tons tons), which was 28.52% lower than that of January's 2019 million; and 18.73 million tons increased by 17.73 in February 2018. %. At the same time, China's manganese ore imports totaled about 5,302,100 tons in January-February 2019, an increase of 27.7% from about 4,167,400 tons in January-February 2018.

  Among them, in February 2019, China imported 306,700 tons of Australian manganese ore, down 28.5% from the previous month; imported 1.004 million tons of manganese ore in South Africa, down 4.1% from the previous month; imported 165,500 tons of manganese ore, down 60% from the previous month; and imported 176,600 tons of Brazilian manganese ore. The chain decreased by 49.76%; the import of Ghana manganese ore was 319,300 tons, a decrease of 37.1% from the previous month.