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Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide
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Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide

  • Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide
  • Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide
Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide
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  Electrolytic manganese dioxide is an excellent depolarizer for batteries. Compared with dry batteries produced by natural discharge of manganese dioxide, it has the characteristics of large discharge capacity, strong activity, small volume and long life. It is mixed with 20-30% EMD. The dry battery made by the dry battery can be increased by 50-100% than the dry battery made of natural MnO2. The high-performance zinc chloride battery can be mixed with 50-70% EMD, and the discharge capacity can be increased by 2-3 times. The alkaline manganese battery made of EMD can increase the discharge capacity by 5-7 times, so electrolytic manganese dioxide becomes a very important raw material for the battery industry. 

P-type electrolytic manganese dioxide
No.NameTechnical IndicatorsProduct Indicators
1MnO2≥ 91.0%91.33%
2H2O≤ 3.0%2.17%
3Fe≤ 100ppm65 ppm
4Cu≤ 5ppm0.5 ppm
5Pb≤ 5ppm0.5 ppm
6Ni≤ 5ppm2.0 ppm
7Co≤ 5ppm2.0 ppm
8Hg≤ 50ppm47ppm
9Hydrochloric Acid Insoluble Matter≤ 0.10%0.01%
10Sulfate≤ 1.4%1.20%
11PH Value5.5~7.56.5
12Graininess -100 Item≥ 99.5%99.90%
-200 Item≥ 95.0%92.00%
-325 Item≥ 90.0%95.00%

Mercury-free Alkaline Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide
No.NameProduct Indicators
3Fe48.5 ppm
4Cu0.5 ppm
5Pb0.5 ppm
6Ni1.41 ppm
7Co1.2 ppm
8Mo0.2 ppm
9As0.2 ppm
10Sb0.2 ppm
11K170 ppm
12Hg5 ppm
13Hydrochloric Acid Insoluble Matter0.01%
15PH Value6.65
16Aspirate1 ml
17Specific Surface Area28 m2/g
18Specific Gravity1.7
19Graininess -100 Item99.90%
-200 Item92.00%
-325 Item95.00%

High Performance Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide Index
2MnO293.0% min
3H2O2.0% max.
4SO42+ 1.3% max.
5Fe80 ppm max.
6Cu1.2 ppm max.
7Pb1 ppm max.
8Ni1 ppm max.
9Co1 ppm max.
10Mo0.5 ppm max.
11As1 ppm max.
12Sb1 ppm max.
13K150 ppm max.
14Mg200 ppm max.
15Alkaline Discharge290 mv min
16Specific Surface Area27-33 m2/g.
17pH Value5~7
18Specific Gravity1.70-1.90g/cm3.
19Fineness99.5% min.
20- 100 mesh99.5% min.
21- 200 mesh95-99% min.
22- 325 mesh95-99% min.